Is there a chance for a cash loan without certification?


Generally, when applying for a bank loan, the borrower must apply to the bank for the loan, along with many documents. Among them are also certificates. Will they be necessary in every bank to be able to get a cash loan?


A cash loan without income certificates can be taken at several banks in the country. The customer makes a statement about the amount of income or otherwise confirms his financial position in a way desired by the bank. 


What certificates are needed?

What certificates are needed?


When applying for a cash loan, banks require potential borrowers to submit many different documents. By default, these are certificates on the amount of income or employment and the type of contract. However, banks are often willing to make some concessions on the list of such certificates, but they still need to have some basis for calculating creditworthiness.

This ability is the ability to pay principal and interest installments on the dates indicated in the contract. If you do not need to submit income statements, how do you calculate your creditworthiness?


Borrower’s declaration



Earnings or employment certificates are not mandatory when applying for a loan at many banks. Instead of certificates, banks accept customer statements. These are declarations they make under threat of criminal liability, regarding the estimated amount of income they receive every month. The bank can always verify such information, for example by contacting the borrower’s employer and asking him to indicate the amount of his remuneration.


Other documents needed for a loan

Other documents needed for a loan


Bank may confirm the client’s financial situation in a different way than on the basis of earnings statements or declarations of the borrower. May request an extract from the account bank or a copy of the tax return PIT.

If the customer is applying for a cash loan in his bank, where he already has a personal account , the bank can only ask him to provide the account history. It will quickly track cash flow and on this basis assess whether the customer can afford a loan.


In which bank credit without certificates?

In which bank credit without certificates?


Based on your loan application and account statement, you can get a cash loan at Fine bank online. You can borrow up to USD 50,000 in this way. The customer must provide in the loan application the details of the employer or the company he runs.


Income certificates are unnecessary when applying for a cash loan of up to USD 150,000. A micro-cost loan is available, and customers who already have an account can apply for an online loan without income statements.

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